Up and running or at least walking.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

After having no website for a couple of years and a neglected one for a couple years before that I finally got reorganized at a couple of different levels and put this together over the last few months. It has been painfully slow but at last it’s up and going, up and running or at least off to a start.

I hope to build this site out in a couple different directions that are not really evident at this stage. One is adding an eCommerce section where there will be prints available for sale and the other is video work. It’s a new venue for me but I hope it’s something that will develop into some meaningful projects. I will also use the blog format which I did not have before to update images, share photographic explorations and probably share some light tutorial subjects.

So, I’ll keep this short. Welcome! The bottom line is I hope people enjoy the imagery they find here. I’m always open for suggestions, constructive criticism and of course visual ideas and stories. If you find that you enjoy what you see, please share with your family, friends and associates.


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